Today we will discuss about,preparation of project report,many of my friends who are studying at final year either diploma or degree  has to submit their project report in coming few days,many students spare their enough time in writing their project report and the main question is that how to write quality project report;this post will answer this question.


The center idea of any project report is that;it will answer the question,what work is exactly carried out & why?…so while preparing the  one should keep in mind that my report should be such that it should answer above questions,and it should be written in such a way that even unknown person can understand;what exactly you want to say.Now lets discuss general formatting related things first.

Contents of Project report are;

1)Title sheet



4)Content page -list of figures,list of tables,abbreviations



7)Problem statement


9)Literature review

10)Methodology-Like design,methods and materials.


12)Result and discussion


14)Future scope




18)Any other chart,report from research labs,catalogs.

Lets discuss the above points in more details,Before that fonts associated with reports are also.

Generally Times New Roman(TNR) is commonly used font,depend on university,one can refer the general guidelines by particular university or board regarding this.The next important point…what should be the font size for title,table,reference,below is brief guideline over it.

Generally  preferred font size for project report.





Main headings-14 Center align,bold,UPPER case

Subheading-12,Left align, bold,sentence case or lower case…Subheadings should be written like 1.1,1.2…3.1.1,3.1.2 etc

Table captions-10,Above the table-cetre align

Figure captions-10,Above the table-cetre align

Equation-Should be written by using equation mode not by usual typing and should be TNR 12 BOLD,ALL UPPER CASE,CENTER ALIGN.

Text matter should be TNR 12…JUSTIFIED ALIGNMENT


Margins- TOP-1”    BOTTOM-1.25″

                   LEFT-1.5″     RIGHT-1″

Line spacing-1.5

Now we will discuss in thins in details;

1)Title sheet-It is generally provided by university or board in standard prescribed format…it includes…title like…A PROJECT REPORT ON..BY-Name of student/students..with their exam seat no..under guidance of..write name of your guide…Institute logo..year of submission like 2015-16 should be used.

2)Project report should be preferably  divide into 7-8 chapters,depending on the project work carried out number of chapter may be  one more or less.

3)All the paragraph should be justified and tab should be given while writing each paragraph.

4)Abstract-it should be at most 200-250 words which must be written in such a way that it would convey center idea of work that is carried out.4-5 important words called keywords should be written below it.

5)Introduction -This chapter is supposed to give general introductory idea.Maximum 2-3 pages with 2-3 subheading this chapter should be written.

6)Problem definition-This chapter gives ides about the project work,the problem which you have identified and the solutions which you are giving.

7)There should be 3-4 statement regarding the objective…you want to achieve…like minimization of surface roughness…to improve the efficiency…to propose the new methodology etc.

8)Literature review-this chapter sets the background for your work.Enough literature review must be carried out.Journals  from science direct,ASME Links,IEEE,Springer etc should be preferred.There are many good quality journals indexed,the list of which one can easily get should be referred so that the focus about the work gets more clear.I advice at least 30-35 research papers must be studied.From the literature review,the gaps should be identified and it should focus in your work.Methodology can be formulated based on literature review.

9)After literature review,next is experimental data collection based on experimentation carried out.

10)Next is experimental investigation like calculations…design and its verification,software analysis etc

11)Result and discussion-This chapter should discuss;what are the findings of the particular work.It should be point-vise.

12)Conclusion-This  gives idea;the objectives decided achieved..THERE IS NO CHAPTER NO FOR THE CONCLUSION

13)Future scope-Its should be added after conclusion,What the other work can be done on by considering the other parameters for the same concept.THERE IS NO CHAPTER NO FOR THE CONCLUSION.

14)References-Proper referencing style should be followed like…Author name,”Name of research paper”,name of journal/conference/book,volume no,page no.THERE IS NO CHAPTER NO FOR THE CONCLUSION.

15)Publications-This gives idea,the publications either in international journals or internationals conferences presented or published over the project work.Paper accepted in conference and should be mentioned under subheadings,paper accepted.At least 1 or 2 conference or journal published should be focused.

I hope the above post answer your question,HOW TO PREPARE PROJECT REPORT… the next post we will discuss more details about HOW TO LITERATURE REVIEW…HOW TO READ RESEARCH PAPER…TILL THEN STAY CONNECTED ON

May 20, 2016


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