Notes on Non Conventional Machining Processes

                           Need of Non-Traditional Machining Processes
1)  For replacement of existing manufacturing methods by more efficient & quicker methods.
2) In order to achieve of higher accuracy & quality of surface finish
3)  for the adaptability of cheaper materials in place of costlier one.
4) In order to do machining operations for “Hard to machine” materials like tungsten, uranium
5) In order to do machining operations on intricate & thin work pieces economically.
6) For  development of new materials requires new methods and applications.

                   Importance of Nontraditional Machining process.
1. Material removal may occur with chip formation or even no chip formation may take
2. In NTM, there may not be a physical tool present.
3. In NTM, the tool need not be harder than the work piece material.
4. Mostly NTM processes do not necessarily use mechanical energy to provide material
5. They use different energy domains to provide machining.

                     Applications of non-traditional manufacturing process.
1. Manufacturing of stent required in biomedical field- photo chemical machining
2. Manufacturing of intraocular lenses- diamond turning process
3. Identification marking on automobile components –laser machining
4. Surface finishing on bio-implant joints –magneto-rheological grinding
5. Injector and nozzle holes- laser machining in hard materials
6. Manufacturing of ornaments- laser micro machining processes

7.For drilling holes of intricate shapes in hard and brittle materials-Abrasive Jet Machining
8.For machining fragile, brittle and heat sensitive materials-Abrasive Jet Machining
9.For drilling, cutting, deburring, cleaning and etching-Abrasive Jet Machining
10.Micro-machining of brittle materials-Abrasive Jet Machining

               State any four essential requirements of dielectric fluid used in EDM
1.Low viscosity
2.High flash point
3.Non Toxic.
4.Freedom from acid & alkaline products
5.High electric strength

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