Assignment on Fluid Kinematics



  1. Define and state the types of fluids.
  2. Explain the continuity equation.
  3. Explain the Bernoulli’s Theorem.
  4. Give assumptions and applications of Bernoulli’s equation.
  5. Explain Venturimeter with neat sketch.
  6. Explain Pitot tube with neat sketch.

Brain Teaser

  1. A venturimeter is installed in a pipe line 30cm diameter. The difference of pressure at entrance and throat read by mercury manometer is 5cm.When water flows at a rate of 0.045 m3/specify the discharge co-efficient of meter is 0.97, determine the diameter of throat.
  2. A pitot tube directed into a water stream having a velocity of 2.7 m/sec. It has gauge difference of 32mm on the water mercenary manometer. Find its coefficient. Also explain construction and working of Pitot tube with neat sketch.
  3. A Venturimeter having throat diameter 5.35 cm is provided on a pipe of 10cm diameter. If oil of specific gravity 0.85 is flowing in the upward direction, determine the venture head and the discharge if the manometer shows 12.80cm of mercury deflection. If the vertical distance between inlet and throat is 22cm determine the actual head of the Venturimeter. Assume Cd=0.64.
  4. A 310mm x 200mm Venturimeter is inserted in vertical pipe carrying water, flowing in the upward direction. A differential mercury manometer is connected to the inlet and the throat of venturimeter gives a reading of 20 cm. Find the discharge. Take Cd.=0.98.
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