ESE 2020 Lecture 2

Warm Greetings,

To ESE 2020 Aspirants,we know that ESE Prelims is going to conduct on 5th Jan.2020 ,there are few things which are important to score more in this exam.

1.Full length Mock Test

It is very important to solve full length mock test to ensure the the level of preparation and will also boost confidence.

2.Handle Pressure

It is very important to handle pressure of good performance,in this regard one thing you should remember that you “The confidence i can do well comes with Good Practice,SO AGAIN SOLVING FULL LENGTH MOCK TEST WILL HELP YOU TO HANDLE PRESSURE”.


Its very important.Try to make One liner notes which you can revise specially for ICT,Environment and Energy and Current affairs pertaining to the Paper 1.

4.Time Management

In the exam its very important to manage time,for this SWOT analysis will be very helpful.

5.Keep motivated

Its very important,remember you are appearing for one of the finest exam whether you get success or not but it will help you to Have very excellent personality.You can be keep motivated by watching ESE Qualified students videos which are available on Google,YouTube.This can also help you to get clues to prepare well.

So We will continue our discussion…TILL THEN BEST OF LUCK,


Mr.Ashish Ravindra Lande

Lecturer at Mechanical Engineering department,

K.K.Wagh Polytechnic,Nashik.


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