Assignment 1 on Properties of Fluids

Assignment No-1 


       Theory Question

  1. What are the types of fluids?
  2. What is viscosity?
  3. What is kinematic viscosity?
  4. What is surface tension?
  5. What is compressibility?
  6. Define fluid and state the difference between ideal and real fluid?
  7. State the meaning of compressible and incompressible fluids?
  8. Define dynamic viscosity with its unit?

Brain Teaser

  1. A capillary tube having internal diameter 6.5mm is immersed in water at 200c .Calculate the height of water rise in the capillary. Take angle of contact as a(alpha)=600c and surface tension of water in contact with air as 0.073 N/m.
  2. Petrol is more volatile than Water Justify with Empirical Values.
  3. Justify why Air is compressible while water in-compressible?



Activity 1-

1.Search over the internet Regarding Name and Capacity (in GW) of Hydraulic Power plant in India.



1.You are advised to go through last 4 Year Model answer Question paper and Prepare the questions  that have been asked on the Basic Properties of Fluids.

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