Research Methodology- An Introduction

Hello Friends,
Research methodology is one of the important subjects for the post graduate education in the engineering,its being included at first year Master of engineering and also in the course work of PhD in many universities in the India,it is very imperative to discuss on research,what is research,how to conduct it that is a systematic way to conduct research.If you want to  become teacher you do Ded or Bed,if you want to become Doctor you go to M.B.B.,then why  not  ,there should be systematic discussion on different things associated with the research which ultimately helps to carry best research.
So,Lets start a journey to know more about Research by step by step.
This blog will broadly cover following topics pertaing to the syllabus for Master of Engineering for
various branches and specialization.
1.Research-Introduction and Basic Steps.
2.How to formulate the Research Problem
3.Statistics in the RM.
4.Advanced Topics like instrumentation IPR,Technology transfer.
5.How to make research Proposal
6.How to write Scientific Paper based on research for the international conference and journals.
The main aim of this postg is to create awareness and the exact way to conduct good research,to improve the quality of the research for the best researchers for better tomorrow.


Mr.Ashish Ravindra Lande

Lecturer at department of Mechanical Engineering,

K.K.Wagh Polytechnic,Nashik.

September 10, 2016

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