Engineering….and engineers…… the development of any nation;the role of engineers is very important.I believe engineering is not degree its kind of recognition,either BE,ME,PhD or PE ;that the person has that skills,technical as well as human skills which are very important to solve the problem as well as to develop new things,technologies for the society.In the few years particularly after global recession,the mindset of the students towards engineering is little changed….But…i believe still there is good opportunity to make best career in the engineering.There are many emerging fields in which there is very good scope for many innovative things.In this blog we will discuss;how to make best career in engineering,what ate the opportunities in government sector,private sector.How to prepare for best career in engineering.What the the resources,the students can use to have maximum success in the examinations conducted.What is the pattern of the examination like aptitude test,technical test,general ability test.

Research….the classical definition of which means search things, again and again to develop new product and technologies.The main question is that,what are the steps one can follow while doing research.How to formulate  the research problems,how to do literature review,how to formulate research design and many such things,i will also discuss about these things in details.

Once research is done,next very important step is to publish the findings,how to present the paper in reputed journals and international conferences.What are the templates the author has to follow while making the research paper,what are the different referencing style are important concept,i will also discuss these things in details in this blog.


Thanks and regards-

Mr.Ashish Ravindra Lande

Lecturer,department of Mechanical Engineering,

K.K.Wagh Polytechnic,Nashik


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