ICT for Engineering Education

Good evening friends

today we are going to start discussion on very important topic i.e.Information and communication technology for engineering education.This will consists of series of posts in which we we will discuss about tools and technologies which will help to make teaching learning process interesting,these posts are dedicated to both engineering students as well as engineering faculties.Both students as well as teachers are very important part of teaching learning process.There are many teaching approaches,one is traditional teaching and another one is modern methods like flipped classroom.Its era of change,so i thought its need of time that both engineering teachers as well as students have good knowledge of educational technologies.

There are many ICT tools which we are going to discuss some of them are:

  1. Google apps like Google docs,Google slide,Google form,Google drive,Google calendar,Google group etc
  2. Flipped classroom-Concept and Technologies.
  3. Virtual Storage tools like Dropbox,Google Drive,One drive.

So i welcome you all for fantastic journey….till then…Bye


Ashish Ravindra Lande


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