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This post is meant for the final year diploma in mechanical engineering students under subject “CNC Programming”. It also address some of the points from Advanced manufacturing processes.Basic terms are as follows:

  1. Part Program:It is the set of instructions which instructs the machine tool about the processing steps to be performed to manufacture the component.
  2. Part Programming:It is the procedure by which the sequence of processing steps and other related data to be performed on the CNC machine is planned.

Procedure for Part Programming for execution of jobs.

Following are the general steps to write the part program

  1. Study the part drawing carefully like dimensions,nature of operations.
  2. Decide the stock material,size,tool material,tool number on turret,metric or inch programming,absolute or incremental positioning system,feed value,work zero etc.
  3. Decide the work zero which allow the programmer to specify the cutting tool position from which to start the coordinate measurement.
  4. To prepare the coordinate table.
  5. By using preparatory and miscellaneous code by keeping mind machine controller.
  6. Load the program in the MCU.
  7. Verify the program with the help of simulation to find the errors in the actual execution of jobs
  8. Execute the program to performed the particular operation.

Main components of the CNC Machines

Usually CNC will consists of following elements are:

  1. Program of Instructions prepared by the programmer.
  2. Machine control unit:It is the hardware which differentiate the CNC from conventional Machine.It has Central processing unit(CPU),memory, input and output interface.
  3. Machine tool

Classification of CNC Machines

  1. Based on Control system-a)Point to point position system.b)Straight line system  c)Continuous system
  2. Based on Positioning coordinate-a) Absolute system b) Incremental system.
  3. Based on Type of control system-a) Open loop system a)Closed loop system.

Axes on the Machining center

there are two types of axes

  1. Linear axes-Axis X,Y & Z are linear axes.
  2. Rotational Axes-Axis A,B & C are rotational axes.


So…we will continue the discussion,till then best of luck for best preparation.


Mr.Ashish Ravindra Lande

Lecturer at Mechanical Engineering Department,

K.K.Wagh Polytechnic,Nashik.




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